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A coalition of franchisees is urging the legislature to support small business owners in Florida through legislation unveiled today by state Senator Jack Latvala and Representative Jason Brodeur. The proposals would level the playing field for owners of franchised small businesses in Florida and provide legal protections that they say will lead to more economic growth and jobs in communities across the state. The Protect Florida Small Business Act would only apply to renewals and new franchise contracts after the bills effect date, according to a press release from the coalition.

“More than 400,000 jobs in Florida are directly tied to the hard work and efforts of franchised small business owners,” said Senator Latvala (R-16), the bill’s Senate sponsor. “Currently these small businessmen and women have no real protection if the national corporation drops them as a franchise holder. This is not a level playing field, this is wrong, and it must change.”

“As a legislator, I want to continue to make sure Florida has the most business-friendly climate in America. As a chamber of commerce president, I’m particularly sensitive to the threats against small business owners from out-of-state companies.” said Rep. Brodeur (R-28), the House sponsor. “I want to be sure that there is a level playing field for all business owners in Florida, whether they are a small independent shop or a franchisee.”

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