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A Florida couple lost their successful franchise business after a large international corporation abruptly shut them down in 2011. After investing tens of thousands of dollars into their franchise business and becoming one of the most successful in the Tampa area, the couple was stripped of their business and left with no recourse against the giant international corporation.

The international corporation offers afterschool reading and math programs throughout 49 countries and has around 1,600 franchises throughout the United States and Canada.

Shortly after opening a franchise in the Tampa area, the couple became leaders in the franchise association, joining other franchise owners across the country to advocate for their businesses and to address unfair corporate governance issues. Because of this, they became a target of the international organization. When one of the owners suffered a health problem in 2011, the organization pounced on an opportunity to strip the couple of their franchise due to a technicality and issued them an order to shut down immediately.

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