Protect Florida Small Business is a coalition of small businesses, organizations, and individuals all joining together to advocate on behalf of the thousands of small business owners and operators who run franchise stores, restaurants, and shops across the state. These franchisees are our neighbors, dedicated men and women who chose to invest in a small business in order to pursue their dreams. This website is a resource for Floridians to learn more about the opportunity before the Legislature to support and foster local business growth by passing commonsense protections.

Currently, 22 states have extended these protections to their local businesses. It’s time for Florida to provide the same basic rights to its small franchise business owners.

auto-guy-girl-squareFostering the relationship between the large corporate franchisors and local franchisees is good for Florida’s economy. Our state should take every possible step to protect and support these businesses and the jobs they create.

Florida laws already provide safeguards for local car dealers and agricultural equipment dealers. Those Florida business owners enjoy protections should manufacturers attempt to take over or close down their dealerships with little or no notice. Thousands of Floridians invest their personal capital and take out bank loans to achieve the American Dream. Why shouldn’t the owner of a small sandwich store or oil change and repair shop receive the same protections Florida grants to large automobile dealerships?

  • This legislation will address three key areas:
    Protection from unjust terminations
    Protections from unjust restrictions on sales & transfers
    Protection from non-renewal of their franchise agreement

The goal of this legislation is to allow small business owners operating under a franchise agreement to run their stores, secure with the peace of mind that their livelihoods cannot be ripped away without ample notice or fair compensation. By providing balance to the franchise relationship, the law will let both parties grow and create jobs for Floridians.