States that have passed similar laws


Jobs created by small businesses owned and operated by franchisees in Florida


Small business locations owned and operated by franchisees in Florida


Average investment to buy a franchise (not including real estate costs)

Protect Local Businesses

Right now, the state of Florida provides NO protections for small business operators men and businesswomen who choose to invest their hard-earned personal resourcessavings in a franchise business opportunity. We need basic protections for those men and women who invest their personal time, money, and energy to build local businesses that employ over 400,000 people in our state.

Establish Commonsense Protections

Florida needs to even the playing field for small business owners across the state by establishing commonsense protections. These basic protections are already extended to many other industries in Florida, so why has not the restaurant and service industry been left out?

Support Florida Jobs

Florida must allow entrepreneurs to operate under franchise agreements and run their small businesses, secure with the peace of mind that their livelihoods cannot can’t be taken away without ample notice or fair compensation. This will provide balance to in the franchise relationship so that both parties can grow and create jobs in Florida.

Take Action!

Join the fight for basic protections that will benefit thousands of small business owners and their hardworking employees here in Florida. Together, we can create a fair level playing field to protect the small businesses that form the backbone of our local communities!

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